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White Ribbon Day 2022 - Condemning Violence Against Women

Trigger Warning: violence, violence against women, sexual assault, homicide

What is White Ribbon Day?

White Ribbon Day, 25 November, is the international day when people wear a white ribbon to show that they do not condone violence towards women.

White Ribbon Day celebrates the many men willing to show leadership and commitment to promoting safe, healthy relationships within families and encourages men to challenge each other on attitudes and behaviour that are abusive.

White Ribbon Day 2022 - Boys will be Boys

The 2022 White Ribbon Campaign has the aim is to promote healthy masculinity through the new campaign Boys will be Boys. We’re taking back the phrase that excuses poor behaviour and flipping it on its head.

WR Boys will be A3 poster redThere are awesome things about being a boy that we need to celebrate:

  • Boys have heart – encourage them to show it, not just in being tough or brave or strong but in showing that they care.

  • Boys can and should cry – it’s part of being human and it serves a purpose, expressing your feelings allows you to work through them – bottling up emotions isn’t healthy.

  • Boys can play sport, be part of a team, like fast cars and still stand up and speak out when they hear others being abusive.

  • Boys are loyal friends and can call others in – have a quiet chat with a mate if he says something abusive or offensive about girls or women, don’t just let it go. Share your feelings, ask why they feel that way – you can help. Be the change you want to see in the world. Every person can make a difference.

It takes strength and bravery to stand up and speak out in a world that too often wants to limit you to stereotypical gender roles. We need to celebrate the good we see in our young men and change the script.

Men can be part of the solution. Talk to your son or the boys in the team you coach, or at your school about being a good human and what that looks like in your daily life. Be an ally and help them make good choices.

Violence in New Zealand Statistics:

  • Most violence by men against women takes place in the home

  • An average of 14 women a year are killed by their partners or ex-partners

  • Each year there are over 3,500 convictions recorded against men for assaults on women 

  • One in five women will experience sexual assault or sexual interference at some point in their lives.


How Nelson Marlborough is Supporting White Ribbon Day 2022:

In Nelson:

WRD Nelson

Top left: Child and Family Safety Service Team Administrator, Alice Galley was at Nelson Hospital with resources today

Top right: Interim District Director, Lexie O'Shea donning her white ribbon in support

Bottom left: Our Executive Leadership Team showing their support at their Friday morning meeting

Bottom centre: People are encouraged to make the pledge against violence towards women in Nelson

Bottom right: Gina Lyon (Family Violence Programme Coordinator) and Alice (CFSS Team Administrator) rocking their White Ribbon Day shirts

And in Wairau:

WRD Wairau Web

Top left: A wide range of educational resources and goodies are at the Wairau Hospital display for people to take

Top right: VIP Coordinator and Social Worker, Cath Walker is promoting conversations around respectful relationships to those entering Wairau Hospital today

Bottom left: Ditre Tamatea (General Manager, Māori Health & Vulnerable Populations), Cathryn Walker (VIP Coordinator and Social Work) and Tui Lister (Director of Maori Health) at the Wairau Hospital entranceway

Bottom right: The Marlborough Violence Intervention Project (MVIP) dropped off some additional resources to Wairau this morning


Te Whatu Ora - Nelson Marlborough Child & Family Safety Service

​​​​​​​The aim of the Child & Family Safety Service is to establish a sustainable infrastructure within which staff will address child abuse and neglect, partner abuse and elder abuse and neglect (both in response to presentations and in identification and prevention of increased or further harm). The service also aims to raise awareness and identify issues in relation to vulnerable adults..

A brand-new service, Whāngaia Ngā Pā Harakeke has just been launched. Keep an eye out for more information on the service coming in the new year!

The Child and Family Safety Services Nelson & Wairau Team:

  • Gina Lyon - Co-Ordinator - Family Violence Programme/Family Violence Co-ordinator

  • Cathryn Walker - Social Worker Community Allied Health and VIP Coordinator

  • Shelly McCormick - Whāngaia Ngā Pā Harakeke Coordinator

  • Alice Galley - Team Administrator


Our VIP Champions:

  • Andrea Hewitson - Social Worker

  • Bridget Askew - Social Worker

  • Bronwyn Hutcheson - Social Worker

  • Cathryn Walker - Social Worker Community and VIP Coordinator

  • Charlotte Hoy - A & D Clinician

  • Claire Jordan - Social Worker

  • Daniel Freeman - Social Worker

  • Debbie Harris - Clinical Co-Ordinator

  • Deborah Lochhead - Core Midwife

  • Desma Reedy - Social Worker

  • Karen Crook - Sexual Health Nurse Service Co-Ordinator

  • Louise Burkhart - Core Midwife

  • Mary Berryman - Social Worker

  • Richard Robinson - Social Worker

  • Robyn Kemp - Nurse Practitioner- Sexual Health

  • Rose Ford - Registered Nurse Special Care Baby Unit

  • Sandy Hampton - RN - Casual - ED Nelson

  • Sekita-Ra Mennie - Core Midwife

  • Shelly McCormick - Whāngaia Ngā Pā Harakeke Coordinator

  • Silvia Walsh - Registered Nurse • Paediatric Inpatients NN

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