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Wairau Hospital celebrates Bhartiya Sanskriti

Healthcare workers at Wairau Hospital enjoyed a Bhartiya Sanskriti Culture of India celebration this month.

As part of International Nurses Day celebrations, the event opened with a welcome prayer, followed by presentations, and sharing food.

Bhartiya Sanskriti Wairau Hospital2

Staff at Wairau Hospital gathered to celebrate Bhartiya Sanskriti as part of International Nurses Day

Preparations began early in the morning with staff coming together to prepare traditional Indian meals. Several nurses shared an insight into their lives in India, their journey to nursing, and what it was like moving to New Zealand.

Stephanie Watson, ADON/Operations Manager said:

“It was a wonderful way to come together and learn more about Indian culture, language and families. The event gave us the opportunity to welcome new teams and celebrate the diversity they bring us.

“A big thanks to Kate Hodson, Simon Langford, Anisha Huntley, Pawandeep Sandhu, Deepthy Ravunny and everybody else who pulled together to make this day happen.”

Support from the Churchill Private Hospital Trust helped to make the event and International Nurses Day celebrations at Wairau Hospital possible.

Pawandeep Sandhu, Clinical Nurse Specialist Geriatric and Stroke expressed her gratitude to the organisation, management and the team for putting together a wonderful initiative. 

“It was heartening to see the management embracing inclusivity of other cultures, making staff from overseas feel a sense of belonging, and wonderful to have dedicated day staff from different departments join us for the celebration”, she said.


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