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Start a Conversation today

Today is the day to start a Conversation that Counts with family and whanau about what matters to you when you near the end of your life.

Conversations that Count day (April 5) aims to raise awareness about advance care planning to encourage people to think about, talk about and plan for their future and end-of-life care.

Advance care planning is about exploring what matters to you when you are near the end of your life.  You can share this information with your loved ones and your health care team so treatment and care plans reflect what you want.

What medical treatment would you want if you had a life-threatening illness? Would you want to be kept comfortable with your pain controlled, or for your life to be prolonged with active life-support medical treatments? Having a plan is particularly important if you become too unwell to tell your loved ones and health care team what you want yourself.

An Advanced Care Plan an important gift for your loved ones as it can relieve the burden for them of having to make decisions on your behalf.

A plan might include people and pets, your values and the ways you would like those caring for you to look after your spiritual, cultural and emotional needs.

There are lots of free resources to help you think about and prepare your advance care plan at

Why not do an advance care plan now? You may not need it for many, many years, but you’ll be glad you did.

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