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RDA strike notice lifted for Nelson Hospital

Due to the current state of emergency the NZRDA has agreed to lift the strike notice affecting some of our resident medical officers (RMOs) at Nelson Hospital.

Nelson Marlborough Health sought agreement from NZRDA to lift the strike notice so our teams can focus on supporting those in our community who have been impacted by the on-going fire event in Tasman without also having to concern themselves with planning for the absence of an RMO workforce.

We are grateful for the RDA for their consideration and understanding of the impact the fire is having on overall health services in our area, the patients, other vulnerable persons, and on staff that have been unable to come to work due to the civil emergency.

The strike notice is lifted for Nelson Hospital only.  The strike action will go ahead at Wairau Hospital as  scheduled for 48 hours from 8am Tuesday morning (12 February) concluding 8am Thursday (14 February).