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Public consultation: Proposed disposal of surplus property on Wairau Hospital site

Public submissions are invited with regard to Nelson Marlborough Health's proposal to sell surplus land on the Wairau Hospital site in Blenheim. The closing date for submissions is 13 September 2019.


Consultation: Proposed disposal of surplus property

Pursuant to clause 43, Schedule 3 of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 (the Act), Nelson Marlborough Health (NMH) proposes to dispose of the following surplus properties: Wairau Hospital East Block, proposed lots 9-10 of the subdivision plan under resource consent U180188 being 30-46 Hospital Rd, Blenheim: Part of Pt Lot 2 Sec 27 OMAKA DIST, where the land area is approximately 6.3 hectares. 

This subdivision is nearing completion where the use of the land is not required for any future development of Wairau Hospital. At least 7.7 hectares remains available for hospital use.

The Act requires district health boards to consult with their communities before disposing of surplus property.

Accordingly, submissions in writing are invited from members of the community served by NMH. 


How to make a submission

Submissions must be dated, signed and include the following information:

  1. Your name, postal address, telephone and email address (if applicable)
  2. A statement confirming that the submission is made on the disposal of Wairau Hospital East Block
  3. Your view on the proposed sale of the property

A copy of the submission must be received by NMH by 5pm Friday 13 September 2019 at this address: 

Wairau surplus land submission
Corporate office
Nelson Marlborough Health
Private Bag 18
Nelson 7040

Alternatively the submission may be made to the following email address: [email protected]

Opportunities to make a verbal submission: Members of the public may make a verbal submission on the afternoon of Wednesday 4 September. Verbal submissions will be received by appointment only. To make an appointment please email your request, including your name or names of those wishing to present and the organisation that you represent, to: [email protected]


Subdivision plan

The lots proposed for disposal are lots 9-10 shown in the diagram below.

Wairau Hospital map

Questions and answers

Why is NMH disposing of the land?
NMH has been aware for some time that there is a surplus of land at Wairau hospital. When the Hospital was redeveloped in 2008-2010 the rebuild size confirmed the size requirement for the hospital. On lot 11, that is being retained, there is still plenty of spare land for future development.

Where will the proceeds from the sale go?
The proceeds from the sale will be retained by NMH for capital development.

What will the sold land be used for?
The use of the land will ultimately be determined by a new owner. However, it will be zoned for residential use at the conclusion of the subdivision.

What will happen to the hospital staff accommodation?
The staff accommodation will remain as it is for now. NMH will investigate the renewal of staffing accommodation as a later project.

Will the sales affect hospital parking?
The land to be disposed will not affect any hospital car parking.

What are the conditions of the subdivision resource consent?
A copy of the consent can be downloaded by clicking the following link:

Resource consent: Wairau Hospital surplus land subdivision [PDF 2.7 MB]