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One in four New Zealanders catch flu each year

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Influenza, or the flu, can be anywhere. It is easy to catch  and it is much worse than a cold.

Some people are more likely to get very sick when they have the flu. They include babies, young children, pregnant women and older people. Also, people with illnesses like asthma or diabetes.

Some people with flu need to stay in hospital for a while. A few people die from flu.

Did you know that many people don’t know they have had the flu as they do not feel ill? But they can still pass it on and make other people very sick.

The best way to protect yourself, your family and people around you, is by having a flu shot every year. The flu shot helps your body protect itself from flu.

Flu vaccination - your options

Ask your doctor or nurse, or check with your workplace, about a flu shot today. 

Encourage your whanau to see their doctor or nurse about getting a flu shot. It may be FREE for you.

Flu shots are FREE for:

  • 65 year olds and over
  • women who are pregnant
  • anybody under 65 with diabetes, most heart or lung conditions and some other illnesses
  • children under 5 who have had a stay in hospital for asthma or other breathing problems. 


  • Being fit and healthy won’t stop you getting the flu
  • You can’t get flu from the vaccine
  • Influenza usually has symptoms such as a high fever, headache, a dry cough and illness lasting 7 to 10 days
  • Many people won’t feel sick at all but can still pass it on to others.

The Fight Flu website provides information and answers frequently asked questions about influenza.

 Five common questions about the flu are answered by the experts.

Registered Nurse Jo Cattel explains why she chooses to have a flu vaccine.

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Immunisation is free for pregnant women


There are a number of factors that make influenza dangerous to an unborn baby.

The influenza virus does not actually cross the placenta to infect your baby, the danger comes from your own body as it fights the illness.

Influenza immunisation will not harm your unborn baby.

Find out more about why you should get immunised against the flu.