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Nelson Marlborough Smokefree team recognised as 'outstanding' in the area of youth vaping

This past November the Nelson Marlborough Smokefree team participated in an education day focused on Youth & Vaping. Participants from schools, community organisations, PHOs, and Te Whatu Ora had an overwhelmingly positive experience at the Taiohi AOD/ CEP Training. The team's impact at the training, and in the youth vaping space, was commended by the event organizer. 

The event was organised by Whāraurau in collaboration with Starship Paediatric Hospital's Colette Muir, a Developmental Paediatrician, who says that an increase in the youth public health in regards to vaping is incredibly valuable. 

smokefree team3

The Smokefree team: Sarah McKenzie, Miraka Norgate, Karen McIntosh, Kelly Atkinson, Karen Petrie, Cynthia DeJoux, Sonia Hepi-Treanor (TPO), Carlijn van Os, Cheyenne Galiki, Niki Waitai (TPO) Absent: Brenda Chilvers and John Hart (TPO) and Gayle Rawstorn

"Although I recognise the importance of vaping as a means to reduce adult cigarette smoking, on the clinical front line we are now seeing a significant impact on young people, especially when it comes to learning and behaviour."

Dr Muir says there is not yet a robust process in New Zealand for management and referral for youth vaping, and so the public health work our Smokefree team is doing in this area is particularly important and innovative. 

"I wanted to thank your district for the amazing work being done in your community. I have been in contact over the last 12 months with Kelly Atkinson and the Stop Smoking team. Youth vaping is an evolving and rapidly evolving area and this team have developed robust evidence-informed approaches to meet community need."

Dr Colette Muir 

The feedback from the 123 attendees, representing nurses, youth workers, counsellors, among other health professions, was incredibly positive as well:

“This day was invaluable for me working as a HIP with young adults, but also for my own knowledge as a parent. I can't thank you enough for your contribution for working to make NZ a healthier place.”

“It was great; good selection of speakers, all engaging! Good geographical spread, and a range of perspectives/knowledge/ skills to bring to the table.”

"Loved every minute of it (and I've done heaps of these sorts of things, so could potentially be quite a critic haha)."

"More, please!"

Dr Nick Baker, Chief Medical Officer & Paediatrician, commended the group for their excellent work and the recognition they received. 

"This feedback shows that the approach we took in joining up public health community work with clinical governance support has been successful. You have all achieved what is seen as an outstanding result at a nation level."