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Meat Free Mondays at hospital cafes

Following a successful trial last year Nelson and Wairau Hospital cafés have introduced Meat Free Mondays and phased out processed meats, such as ham and bacon.

The trial experience informed the modification of Nelson Marlborough Health’s (NMH) Healthy Food and Beverage Policy to support current public health recommendations to limit the intake of meat.

The policy review reflects the findings of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (the cancer agency of the World Health Organization) on the carcinogenicity of the consumption of red and processed meats.

The Meat Free Monday initiative puts NMH at the forefront of promoting a healthier, more sustainable food system.
“Promoting healthier food options, and reducing the consumption of red and processed meat, will help drive better health outcomes for our community, and as a healthcare provider reducing the risk to public health has got to be a priority,” Dr Rob Beaglehole, Public Health Advocate says.
“We are encouraging everyone to get behind the global movement towards a more plant-based diet and experience the health and environmental benefits of reduced meat consumption.”

Bob Saunders, Medirest Site Manager says the kitchen team are excited about Meat free Mondays and have devised different products to add to the menu.
“They’ve  developed a range of meat free meals, such as vegetarian burgers or pizza, dhal, vegan curry, layered vege bake, vegetarian stir-fry, mushroom pasta, creamy cheese and broccoli penne and more to add to the café menu,” he says.

Meat Free Mondays were launched on 3 August.

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Nelson Marlborough Health CE Peter Bramley showing his support for the initiative by helping  behind the counter to serve lunch..