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HQ&I Awards invitation

The judges had a difficult time, but they have selected the finalists for the 2017 Health Quality and Innovation Awards.

The seven finalists will make their presentations on Friday 5 May at 3pm in the Braemar Seminar Room 1,  Franklyn Street, Nelson and there will be a video conference link  to Wairau Arthur Wicks Seminar Room 1 in Blenheim.  

Our judges select the winner and you get to vote for the People’s Choice award and also the best poster.  

Come and show your support to the people making a positive difference to healthcare in our region. 

The shortlisted entries for the 2017 Health Quality and Innovation Awards are:

  1. Our blood audit grade - how we went form an F to a B positive.  (Laboratory and CNE Team)
  2. Transition chaplaincy - walking alongside you.   (Chaplaincy team)
  3. Computerised Tomography Colonography - an horrific experience?  (Cardiology/Radiology team)
  4. Improving outcomes for hip fracture patients. (Wairau Fractured Hip team) 
  5. STEMI care - Can we fix it? Yes we can! (Cardiology and St John Team)
  6. Vege-cation.  (Marlborough PHO Team)
  7. You’re the voice, try and understand it.  (Gateway Youth Team).