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Do you have questions about immunisation?

As part of national Immunisation Week (from 30 April), Marlborough Primary Health registered nurse Sally Gilmour is holding  community information sessions in Blenheim for parents and caregivers to talk about immunisation.

Sally says that everyone is welcome and that tea and coffee will be available.

“We appreciate that people have lots of curiosity, and quite specific questions about immunisation.

There is a lot of very reliable information available from healthcare providers, but sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone in person.”

“We aim to help people make informed decisions about immunisation – so bring along all your questions,” Sally says.

“The theme of the week is immunisation for older people, so we especially encourage the over-65s to come along.”

Sally says that as people get older, the protection from earlier immunisations can begin to wear off.

“Older people are at particular risk of complications from influenza and shingles, and might not know that they are eligible for free immunisation against flu and shingles, as well as diphtheria and tetanus.”

“We especially want older people to take up the offer of free flu vaccination this year, as we are preparing for a particularly bad flu season after the one they’ve had in the Northern Hemisphere.”

Sally says that diseases like influenza and shingles can have a bigger impact on older health.

“Your general practice can provide free immunisations to help keep you well. Also, being immunised will help protect your grandchildren/moko from serious diseases.”

Community information session details:


Marlborough Community Health Hub, Queen St, Blenheim

Dates and times:

  • Monday 30 April: 10am -12:30pm
  • Wednesday 2 May: 11:30am -2pm
  • Thursday 3 May: 10am-12:30pm.