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Countdown Pharmacy Richmond Closing from Sunday 2 October 2022

Please note that Countdown Pharmacy Richmond at 144 Salisbury Road is closing until further notice, from Sunday 2nd October 2022. Sunday will be its final day of operation.

What should I do with my current prescriptions that are with Countdown Pharmacy Richmond?

All prescriptions that still have repeats available after Sunday will be automatically diverted to Unichem Richmond Mall Pharmacy from Monday 3rd October 2022.

  • If you have a repeat due before or on Sunday, you may pick it up from Countdown Pharmacy Richmond.

  • If you have a repeat due after Sunday, you must pick it/them up from Unichem Richmond Mall only, until all repeats in the course have been collected. There is no $5 co-payment for repeat prescriptions, however, some medicines have part charges or are not funded.

How much will my new prescriptions cost?

Many funded prescription medicines have an associated $5 co-payment that is intended to be paid for by the patient/whānau.

Countdown Pharmacy Richmond made the decision to absorb this $5 co-payment and did not charge their customers.

Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand, Nelson Marlborough has no expectation that pharmacies will absorb this patient co-payment, and such customers should anticipate that in many cases, this $5 co-payment per prescription item will be charged.

Please note that generally, children under 14 years of age and people with current prescription subsidy cards do not need to pay the $5 co-payment charges.


Are repeat prescriptions free?

There are no $5 co-payments on repeats of funded prescriptions, regardless of whether the initial co-payment was charged. Some other charges may apply where a medicine is not fully funded.


Where can I get new prescriptions dispensed?

After you have finished the course of repeats (picked up from Unichem Richmond Mall only), you may choose to take or have your next prescription emailed to any pharmacy of your choice.

Please note that there may be a $5 co-payment on each newly prescribed item at other pharmacies, as described above.

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