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COVID-19 Case Update 7 April

We have 452 new cases to report today and a total of 5,337 active cases.

Be prepared to self-isolate

If you, your child or someone else in your home test positive for COVID-19, you will all have to self-isolate.

You cannot leave your home, which means you won't be able to go to the supermarket or pharmacy to buy items you may need.

Friends and family can help drop items to you. Your doctor or local pharmacy may be able to arrange a medicine delivery to your home.

  • Have a plan ready which includes key people who can help deliver items to your house.
  • Have basic medical supplies.
  • Prepare a COVID-19 essentials kit.

Think about how members of your whānau will self-isolate if someone in your household tests positive. If someone has COVID-19 it is best they avoid contact with others. Is there a room they can stay in alone? Is there a separate bathroom they can use?

Watch this short video from and get prepared today.

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