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It's our shot NZ: Now is the time!

It has never been more urgent to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Here's how.

At least 80% of people aged 12+ in our region have had their first COVID-19 vaccine, and 59% their second. Awesome!

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If you are in the 20% (average across our region) still not vaccinated, we need you to get your first vaccine now so you can get two doses before summer.

The more of us fully vaccinated, the more protection we will have against COVID-19, and the more freedom this gives us. This is our shot people!

Pop into a pop-up, cruise through a drive-through, walk into a clinic, book with your GP or pharmacy.

If you know someone who is worried about vaccination, offer to go with them or point them in the right direction for accurate information. is a great start.

They can also talk to their GP, practice nurse, iwi healthcare provider, pharmacist or  phone Healthline on 08003585453. Or come to a pop-up clinic and talk to a nurse there. We're here to help.

All types of clinic are listed on our main webpage here.

You'll also find details of our competition on that page. We have iPhones, iPads and data top-up cards up for grabs.