Doctors (GPs) and practice nurses who work at general practice clinics (medical centres) are generally the first person you see for medical help. They are known as primary healthcare providers. When you are referred to a hospital or specialist, this is called secondary care.

Nelson Marlborough Health funds Marlborough Primary Health to provide primary care services in the Marlborough region. 


What are the benefits of signing up with a GP team?

When you enroll with a general practice or medical centre, there is a team of people ready to help you and your whānau stay well and healthy.

 Being enrolled with a GP practice will mean you can:

  • access healthcare for a range of health issues, including, immunisations, illnesses and injuries
  • pay less for prescriptions (free if you’re under 14)
  • get free healthcare for children aged 14 or less
  • receive reminders about when you are due for immunisation or cancer screening
  • be referred to specialist advice or secondary healthcare when needed


Find a GP in Marlborough 

Go to the Marlborough Primary Health website for a list of Marlborough general practices.

This is also where you can find information about GP fees and the full range of services they provide.