Patients come to the Day Stay Unit  for procedures requiring a short to long day stay depending on the type of surgery or intervention, and whether an anaesthetic is required.

Patients having medical procedures also come to the unit for the day .

If you are not safely ready for discharge by 8.30pm you will  stay in another ward in hospital.

If you are having elective surgery and staying more than one night you are admitted through the Day Stay Unit  before your surgery, then go to one of the surgical wards afterwards.

If the hospital is at capacity the Day Stay Unit sometimes remains open overnight. This occurs particularly during the winter.

Our focus is on quality and we are always looking at ways to improve our service.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Visiting Hours:

The Day Stay Unit is open Monday to Friday 7am-8.30pm.

There is a Day Stay Unit at Nelson Hospital and a smaller unit at Wairau Hospital providing some of the same services to patients.

Locations and contact details
Nelson Hospital
Day Stay Unit
Phone: (03) 546 1687
Wairau Hospital
Day Stay Unit
Phone: (03) 520 9686