Respectful treatment - Supportive care that respects you, your family and whanau, your culture and beliefs and your informed decisions about tests, recommendations and interventions.
Personal attention - Caring attention to develop a trusting and nurturing relationship with you and your whanau to help you to labour and give birth safely, and to help you, your partner and whanau with the transition to motherhood and parenting.
Plenty of information-  About pregnancy, birth and the weeks afterwards, including breastfeeding and care of your baby.
Professional care - Regular and thorough check-ups for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, during labour, and after the birth.
Coping with the pain of labour – Midwives have expertise in labour and birth and will be able to provide you with support and assistance, or consult with specialist doctors, when needed.

Continuity of care throughout the whole experience - Midwives offer care from early pregnancy up to six weeks after the birth of your baby.

For more information visit the New Zealand College of Midwives website.


Questions to ask your midwife or LMC?

Ask your chosen midwife about her qualifications and experience - particularly if you have any risk factors (such as high blood pressure or previous complicated births).
If you have chosen a home birth, then ask your midwife about her experience at home births, her systems for dealing with complications at home, equipment she carries and her back up system for obtaining help in the community.
Ask about your midwife’s arrangements to cover time off and holidays. You may wish to meet her locum or back-up midwife too.


Questions to ask when your LMC is a GP or Obstetrician

  • Who will provide my midwifery care during labour?
  • Can I meet the midwife who will provide me with care during labour?
  • Who will provide my home visits when I go home from hospital?

As a user of health services in New Zealand you have certain rights. These are set out in the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights. For more details visit the Health & Disability Comissioner's website.