It’s important to see a midwife or a General Practitioner (GP) soon after you discover you are pregnant - ideally before you are 12 weeks pregnant.

You can visit your GP or a midwife free of charge.* They will be able to provide you with information about keeping well during your pregnancy, common tests and scans during pregnancy and give you advice on who can provide your maternity care.

Contact a midwife directly on or see the Lead Maternity Carer information section for further details on maternity care.

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To see your GP – please phone their clinic or health centre to make an appointment.

All pregnant women are recommended to have blood tests during their pregnancy and are offered screening tests and scans too. To find out more about the blood tests please speak with your midwife or GP. A screening test and ultrasound scan for Down’s Syndrome and other conditions is available for all women in their early pregnancy. More information can be found on the National Screening Unit website.

The Ministry of Health recommends that women planning a pregnancy, or who are in the early stages of pregnancy take a folic acid and an iodine supplement for the health and wellbeing of their developing baby. Your GP or midwife can provide you with a prescription or you can buy these pregnancy supplements over the counter at your local pharmacy.

* Maternity care is free for New Zealand citizens, women with permanent residency, those who have a work permit and are able to stay for two years, or those who are eligible in another way. For further information relating to pregnancy services please visit the Ministry of Health website.

The SmartStart website guides you with:

  • what you need to do and when you need to do it
  • creating your own ‘to do’ list and helping you keep track of your progress
  • tips on keeping you and your baby healthy and safe
  • ensuring you are not missing out on financial help
  • information on people and services who can help you
  • creating your baby’s own official record.

Visit SmartStart now and see all the really helpful resources there.