Nelson Marlborough Health contracts a variety of providers in the Nelson Marlborough community to provide services for older people (generally considered to be those over 65 years). The services range from day programmes through to dementia and rest home care in licensed rest homes, and the two hospice facilities.

Access to these services is made by visiting a GP and getting a referral for either an assessment by Support Works (the Needs Assessment Agency) or a specialist geriatrician within the hospital.

Older people can also receive supportive care in their home to ensure they stay well and healthy in their community. This can include personal care (showering) or limited home care to ensure they are kept safe.

Support for the older person also includes respite care, (which provides a break for a full-time carer) whereby the older person undergoes an assessment to be housed in a rest home for a short period.

For Health of the Older Person services contact Support Works.