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Your Smart Summer Guide

Keep up-to-date with healthcare messages over the summer months.

The Plan

Avoid food poisoning

bbq foodhandlingFood that is unsafely prepared, handled or cooked can poison people. Here's how to avoid your holiday turning into a disaster.

5 food safety tips:

  • Follow the three C's (clean, cook and chill)
  • Sharing is not always caring. Use a different plate to carry raw and cooked food, and separate utensils too
  • Prepare food as close as possible to eating time and remember to wash your hands BEFORE you start
  • Taking food on a trip? Keep it cool in a chilly bin with ice packs
  • Don’t leave food or leftovers out of the fridge for too long before eating.

View more helpful tips from the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Like Minds Like MineThis summer let's be a caring community.

Connecting is about being there for others, talking and listening, and feeling and building a sense of belonging.

Just ask what you can do. Just Listen. You don’t have to know all the answers.

CONNECTING with others including colleagues, friends, whānau and the wider community promotes wellbeing, and helps build a support network for when times get tough. 

If someone you know is experiencing mental distress:

  • you don’t have to know all the answers
  • talking about it can be awkward. Do it anyway
  • calling them names doesn’t help
  • don’t leave them out. Keep them involved.

Keep practicing the 5 ways to wellbeing – store credits for when the times get tough.

Find out how to access mental health services

Mocktail Mixer Guide

Drive to stay alive

Summer Driving350Summer holidays means more traffic on the roads and driver fatigue is common.

Do the right thing this summer:

  • Starting to feel tired? Pull over, take a break and keep hydrated with water
  • Stick to the speed limit
  • If you are the driver, be responsible and check everyone has their seatbelts on before you pull away from the curb
  • Keep your distance from the vehicle in front
  • Be patient on the road.

Read more summer driving tips from the NZ Transport Agency.