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Parents are being urged to delay their teens’ drinking. The Public Health Service and Health Action Trust, with input from local parents have worked together to develop some tools to help. The PLAN project aims to help parents have conversations with their teens to create a family plan together to deal with alcohol.

The websites below give some additional information about alcohol that parents may find helpful.

No safe limit
Kiwi website with links to all sorts of great info for parents about teens and alcohol.

Facebook: Whānau pack parenting tips
Another great Kiwi site; lots of down-to-earth information and ideas for raising teens.

Alcohol.org.nz Health promotion agency:
Advice about the law on supplying alcohol to young people.

Alcohol Drug Helpline
Free confidential information, insights and support with any problem, issue or query you have about your own or someone else’s drinking or other drug use.

How Much Alcohol in your Drinks?
Can you pour one standard alcoholic drink (SAD)? Try pouring different strength drinks here:

Alcohol think again website
An Australian website. Legal information will be different to NZ. Contains information for parents, also how alcohol impacts health.

Talk about alcohol
Interactive site with games, quiz & conversation starters for parents or teachers to talk with teens about alcohol. Legal information will be different to NZ.

Take Action
The best advice available for parents is to delay the supply of alcohol to your children for as long as you can. As a parent you might be tested and challenged about this.  Click here for strategies you can use to support your position.

The Other Talk
The Australian Alcohol and Drug Foundation offers some proven tips for talking with young people about alcohol and other drugs. .