Project Whakatupuranga GreenWhakatupuranga is the name gifted to the redevelopment of Nelson Hospital to signify the importance of the project for the community. The name means generation and it acknowledges the journey and the people involved in the project past, present and future. Creating a new generation of services and facilities that will support our community now and into the future.

It is encouraging to know that the redevelopment of Nelson Hospital has been recognised as one of the priorities at a national level and we can move forward with confidence.

Although we are still a while away from sod turning the project is progressing with the development of a Detailed Business Case which aims to secure funding for the first phase of the redevelopment.

We are anticipating a funding announcement in 2022.

The redevelopment of our current facilities provides an exciting opportunity to look at how we can improve and transform the way we deliver health care to our community.

Nelson Hospital redevelopment addresses three key areas:

  1. Capacity: To address the changing population and their health needs.
  2. Fit for purpose: Address the configuration and design of current facilities to allow for improved quality and equity of care.
  3. Seismic risk: Ensure the campus facilities meet the new seismic resilience required of a hospital to ensure ongoing service delivery in the event of significant seismic events.

As the project progresses we will update this webpage with more details.

In the meantime if you have any questions you can submit them by scanning the QR code below and completing the form.

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