Project Whakatupuranga GreenWhakatupuranga is the name gifted to the redevelopment of Nelson Hospital to signify the importance of the project for the community. The name means generation and it acknowledges the journey and the people involved in the project past, present and future. Creating a new generation of services and facilities that will support our community now and into the future.

It is encouraging to know that the redevelopment of Nelson Hospital has been recognised as one of the priorities at a national level and we can move forward with confidence. 

Programme Business Case in development

Although we are still a while away from sod turning, the project is progressing with the development of a Programme Business Case. This will drill further into the key priority that we are trying to address: to solve the seismic issues and ensure the Acute Services Building is able to provide post-earthquake functionality.    

At the same time, we will take the opportunity to ensure that the hospital has the capacity required to address the changing population and health needs of the region and the facility is configured to meet contemporary models of care. 

The programme business case will also see the Nelson Hospital redevelopment further align with Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand’s priority to provide more contemporary, fit-for-purpose, therapeutic health facilities for our community. 

This will see us further define the focus of the hospital redevelopment to be: 

  • Equitable: by improving Māori health outcomes; 

  • Accessible: by providing a facility that is more equitable for all, convenient and has access to other health services in the community; 

  • Cohesive: by providing a national health system that delivers locally; and  

  • People-centred: by creating a health facility that brings together the voice of all communities in the Nelson region.

Next steps

It is an exciting time for our redevelopment to be part of this transformational change to the health system and we are taking the opportunity to look at how we best improve and deliver health care to our community.  

This next step in the planning is important for all major projects that require significant capital investment.  

The Programme Business Case, when complete, will go through the formal approval process. This is expected to be mid 2023.   

A further update on the project will be provided once formal approval is received. In the meantime, we continue to work closely with staff, Iwi and the community. 

In the meantime if you have any questions you can submit them by scanning the QR code below and completing the form.


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